add your ipad and own your own photo booth

Yes, Cardboard!

Cardboard makes the perfect light weight material for this iPad photo booth.  It all packs up into a single box for ease of travel and storage, It is light enough to be carried by a single person.  It sets up full adult size for capturing groups of 4 + people.  The curtains stools and our unique LED lighting allow this booth to make amazing photo booth strips.  The printer makes 1 inch and 2 inch wide photo booth strips in color or black and white.  Our iPad Jiffy Photo Booth App is included.

Own Your Own Photo Booth

Use this photo booth over and over again at your home parties and events.  The booth can be used at any kind of event and can produce prints or allow users to see their photos online, or both! Simply place your iPad in the booth with our event iPad photo booth app, and you are ready to party!

What's Included.

The iPad Photo Booth comes with our foldable carboard structure, curtains, stools, lighting, carrying box, iPad holder, and Zink hAppy strip printer.  For large custom orders the booth can be printed to represent your brand.  The strips can be branded with logos and text as well to create custom takeaways for your clients and guests.

IPad and hAppy Printer

Light and Easy to Use

The Jiffy iPad Photo Booth is meant to be easy to use, and still make amazing color or black and white photo booth strips.  Any iPad back to the iPad 2 is compatible.

Portable Photo Booth Box

Pack it up!

The whole iPad photo booth packs into this box which can be stored in a closet, garage, or basement.

LED Lighting

Adjustable camera angle

The iPad and LED light is held in our unique swiveling iPad holder.

Need More Info...?

Call or text us (503) 515-2880 for any information about our iPad Photo Booth.  We can customize the booth with printed graphics for your brand or give you ideas on printing stickers to customize the booth.  We can also use a Windows Tablet inside for a turn key photo booth solution of you don't have an iPad.