How to Choose a Photo Booth to Buy
Here are 7 questions to ask before purchasing a photo booth to start a photo booth rental company
1. Is the photo booth an open air style, sit down curtain type (traditional), or is it a flexible system that can do both styles?  We have found that different clients have different desires and owning one type or the other can limit who wants to rent your booth.  So, we suggest buying a booth that can do both types.
2. What Happens if I need technical support?  We suggest going with a photo booth that has phone and text support available.  Ask how long the support is good for and if there are any hidden or on-going costs for tech support.  At Jiffy Photo Booth, we offer free support by phone or text for all of our customers.
3.What type of Printer does the booth use?  We suggest Roll Type Dye Sublimation (Dye Sub) printers due to their low running costs and professional reliability.  Some of our printers can hold 1400 strips at a time for ease of use.  Ink Jet printers and mini dye subs can also be used in photo booths that cost less, but over time they are actually more expensive.  Call (503) 515-2880 to discuss printer any time.
4. Do I need a special vehicle to transport the booth?  We think a heavy booth that is too big can be a real burden on a rental business.  Look for a booth that can fit in an ordinary car and be set up by a single person.  This also makes hiring employees easier, since they don’t have to deal with trailers or trucks.
5. Is the booth social? Todays photo booths need to be able to send the photos electronically to the guests in the booth.  A good photo booth needs to be able to text and email the photos to the guests.  Another consideration is that this must be done outside the booth on a screen so that the next group can go into the booth without waiting for people to remember passwords and numbers.
6. Do I have to buy the media through the photo booth company? Some booths require that you purchase media through them.  This adds to the cost of doing business so we recommend finding a company that lets you buy paper and ink at the best prices.  Some of our booths cost less than $0.15  per photo booth session.
7. Is this a franchise? We don’t franchise our photo booths because we believe you can best make money and keep it for yourself.  After a reasonable start up investment you will be free to keep all the money you charge to rent the booth.
At Jiffy Photo Booth we are here to help you make the right photo booth choice.  Call (503) 515-2880 or visit to chat about booths any time!


7 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Photo Booth

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