iPad Photo Booth Kit #1

  • Comes with Everything you need to run your own photo booth for business, or just for your own events.
  • Touch screen control
  • Unique light and foldable construction
  • Perfect for in home parties
  • Own your own photo booth
  • Prints real photo booth prints
  • Great lighting - makes great photos
  • Stores in a case
  • Comes with backdrop and stands and carrying cases
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Turnkey Professional Photo Booth Kit #2

  1. Our super portable photo booth kit and traveling cases
  2. Canon DSLR camera
  3. Touch Screen operation
  4. High Speed high capacity DNP Dye Sub printer
  5. Tech Support
  6. Warranty
  7. Nothing left to purchase to get started
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Open Air Photo Booth Kit #3

Turnkey and extremely portable:

  1. Open air style photo kiosk
  2. Dye Sub Printer fits inside
  3. Touch screen interface
  4. Same great support
  5. Super portable design
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7 Reasons To Buy Your Booth From Jiffy Photo Booth

  1. SUPPORT: We are there for you long after your initial purchase. Making you successful is our number 1 priority.  Our sharing of our photo booth knowledge sets us apart.
  2. UNIQUE: Our unique design was designed from the ground up to work well at events.  The booth can accommodate large groups, and be set up with a curtain or shoot open air style into a background.
  3. PORTABILITY: Our photo booth packs up small enough to fit into almost any car.  A single person can set it up inside or outside in a Jiffy.
  4. PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL: $$$ Our many clients have proven that this is the best way to make money renting booths.  Low overhead and flat fee event rentals make this a winning business opportunity.  This is not a franchise but still a full business in a box.
  5. CUSTOMIZABLE: Our booth is easily customized with curtain colors and graphics on the tower.  We also offer LED signs for that modern feel.  The photo strips that come out of our booth are also easily customized with your clients logos and slogans.
  6. CONNECTED: Turn every guest in your booth into a future customer by using our booths ability to share the images as  well as prints by texting and emailing of images to the guests phones.  Along with the images the guests also get your contact information so they can book you when they have an event.
  7. DURABLE: The Jiffy Photo Booth comes with durable components.  The cameras and printers and computers have been tested to last many years.  The structure of our booths resists dirt and scratches and can be updated inexpensively.


photo booth strip example

Learn About Our Business Marketing Program

Buying a photo booth from Jiffy Photo Booth is Step 1.  Then it is time to market your business to attract clients to rent your photo booth.  To make money you need clients to be able to find you.  Our marketing plan is a simple step by step guide to getting clients and making money. Not only is Jiffy Photo Booth the best portable photo booth for sale, but we have the proven marketing plan to get your business up and making money fast.  Read more about our marketing and web site plan by clicking the button to the right.

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Starting any business takes guts, and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. Now that you are interested in learning more about the photo booth rental business we are happy to send you info or to talk about the booths on the phone. Call us at 503-922-3131 or request info by clicking the link to the right.

Get Photo Booth Educated...

We provide a wealth of photo booth hints, tips and instruction.  We have a series of in depth articles on how to start your photo booth business CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLES.  We also have a free e-book you can download right now, that will give you the basics of getting started renting our portable photo booth that we have for sale. You can also listen to Us being interviewed on this PODCAST!

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A quick interview we gave to Business Shorts Podcast on How and Why to Start a Photo Booth rental business . Listen Here -  PODCAST!